Doors & Panels

If you would like to change the whole look of your kitchen, we can change the doors and panels as well as your benchtop.  We simply remove your existing doors and panels and replace with new.  If you like the look of your existing doors but not the colour, or if your old vinyl wrap doors are peeling, we can get the doors two pac painted for you.  We are also able to change doors to drawers, insert a lazy susan or le mans unit to your corner cupboards or even insert pull out drawers to your pantry unit for a more user friendly kitchen.

If you like the more open style of the modern kitchen, we can remove raised breakfast bars and widen the existing benchtop.  We can add new overhead cupboards (with a bulkhead to the ceiling if you would like) or add a nook for a dishwasher.  There are so many options!


To give your kitchen distinctive character, Polytec’s Melamine range offers an extensive variety of colour and decorative finish options, including Texture, Matt, Ashgrain, Finegrain, Sheen and the new Woodmatt range.

Add interest and style by mixing options from Polytec’s colour palette with Melamine surface finishes.

Melamine doors are durable, hygienic and made from low maintenance materials.  Cleaning is generally as simple as wiping down the surface with warm, soapy water.

Polytec Melamine doors and panels are Australian made and come with a 7 year warranty, giving you peace of mind.


Style the surfaces of your kitchen with the latest global trends using Polytec’s extensive Evolution range.  Blend unique textures, tones and finishes to achieve a contemporary look.

Mix warm colours with cool accents, and matt surfaces with a glossy finish.  Choosing from the Evolution range enables you to achieve a truly leading edge kitchen design.

The Evolution range is a collection of Polytec’s leading and most innovative ranges – Legato, Ravine and Createc.  Designed to be complementary, these ranges allow you to infuse your kitchen with the latest colours and finishes.

Polytec’s Legato range features a super matt, non reflective finish.

Polytec’s Ravine range showcases the best natural touch timber surface lightly coloured with warm and inviting shades.

Polytec’s Createc range allows your kitchen to shine.  Its ultra high gloss surface delivers sharp lines and a polished, sophisticated finish.

Blend your choices to capture the latest design trends and style your ideal kitchen.


Polytec’s beautifully crafted range of Thermolaminated doors & panels will add character to your home.  From sleek, contemporary minimalistic designs to the more traditional look of the country style door, we can supply a style that will complement your kitchen.

Thermolaminated doors are made from profiled moisture resistant E-
Zero MDF, constructed with a durable and decorative surface on the face and edges.  The result is a stylish, fully profiled door.  Its thermoformed surface makes it resistant to the usual knocks and bumps of a busy household, ensuring your kitchen will remain a showpiece for years to come.

There is a great range of colours, profiles and surface finish options including gloss, matt, solid colours and timberprints.


We can remove all doors and drawers and professionally resurface them in your choice of colour using two pac technology.  Remaining panels are resurfaced in your home or business with no mess, damage or time wasting.  The high quality finish will make your kitchen look like new at a fraction of the replacement cost.